Ready-to-Give Concept Store where the Flower is Queen and the Gift is King

Gauthier de Maison Eclectus avec un bouquet de fleurs Maison Eclectus magasin front Dominique de Mainson Eclectus avec un bouquet de fleurs

Why we exist

Eclectus is much more than a florist, it is a place where each object, each floral creation is carefully selected for its originality, its quality and its elegance.

Un fleuriste passionné par la décoration

The Flowers and Plants

A florist with a passion for decoration

Whether it's for a wedding, an anniversary, a special occasion or simply to beautify everyday life, our team of passionate professionals will do their utmost to create elegant and personalised floral arrangements to suit your needs.

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Decoration and Gifts

A gift idea, a decorative object for a special occasion

The act of giving represents a unique opportunity to please, to surprise or simply to show affection. This is why we have selected a range of objects from partners chosen for their personality. Whether you are looking for a chic gift for a friend, a unique scented candle for your mother or a decorative object for your home, you will find something to make you feel special at Eclectus.

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la deco et les cadeaux
Gauthier avec un bouquet de fleurs

Wine and Table art

The pleasure of giving, the joy of receiving

When you are invited to a friend's house for dinner or a party, it is important not to arrive empty-handed, preferably with panache.

UNous vous proposons une sélection de produits de qualité, tels que des vins en biodynamie, du caviar, des serviettes originales, des chandelles et bien d’autres idées qui témoigneront de votre attention particulière.

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Dominque et Gauthier

A florist with a unique proposition

We are convinced that the pleasure of giving and receiving is essential to personal development as well as to the good balance of social relations.

That's why we have brought together a unique selection of gifts, decorative objects and refined accessories for all tastes and budgets in a single location in the popular and trendy Châtelain district of Brussels.

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