About Maison Eclectus

The concept of the shop is to be able to cover and respond to a large demand, but above all to surprise with the choice of products and the guarantee of their originality.

l'interieur du magasin Eclectus

The Eclectus team

Gauthier devant magasin Harold

Gauthier, the florist

A talented florist with a thirteen year career under his belt, Gauthier has a knack for mixing colours in new ways and creating magic in a very personal style.

With his avant-garde vision, he manages to create wonders in an often rural and modern spirit.

Passionate about his work, he is happy to bring joy and colour to the people he meets. Moreover, Gauthier has the charismatic charm that comes from people who are self-confident and comfortable in their own skin. He has the gift of generating and transmitting his spontaneity and natural joy.

Dominique de Maison Eclectus

Dominique, the decorator

Dominique can count on a perfectionist's eye, whether it be for decoration or for the smooth running of the business.

With her experience in sales and business management, she is a major asset for the company and its development.

She will know how to guide customers in their decorating choices.

She will be at the forefront of discussions with suppliers who can already count on an important network of German, French, Dutch, Belgian, Italian and Asian suppliers. A great network of selective products that will ensure a strong originality and an important differentiation factor for our business.

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